About Us

May the world see that our Lord Jesus Christ is the one true living God through His church!

Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei has experienced an abundant outpouring of God's love and favor ever since it was first established in 1954. We love because God first loved us and as disciples of Jesus, not only do we love one another at church through cell groups and discipleship trainings, we also seek to bring God's love into the seven spheres, or mountains, of societal influence: Religion, Family, Education, Government,  Media, Arts & Entertainment and Business, thereby transforming our city for the glory of His Name. May the world see that our Lord, Jesus Christ is the one true living God through His church!

James Ou
Senior Pastor of Bread of Life
Christian Church in Taipei



Our History


Members from Bread of Life Christian Church in China initiated a launch in Taiwan and Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei was officially established. Rev. Timothy Dzao came to Taiwan to hold multiple evangelistic gatherings in Taiwan.


Brother Shi-Yun Kou officially assumed the responsibility of pulpit preaching at Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei.


Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei


Church Dedication Service


First Fellowship "Youth Fellowship" founded


Deacon Nung Hsu assumed the responsibility of the work of the ministry.


Brother Chang-Guo Zheng assumed pastoral position at Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei.


First Evangelistic Center “Bread of Life Christian Church – Banqiao Evangelistic Center” founded.


Pastor Nathaniel Chow accepted the position of senior pastor from Rev. Chang-Guo Zheng.


The original church building on Heping E. Road was reconstructed into a 12 storey building. During the Dedication Service, the new building was given the name “Missions Building”.


Ling Leung Pastoral and Missionary Theological Seminary founded.


Missions and Church Planting Office founded as a response to the worldwide church plant movement.


Application to establish the Good News Broadcasting Association accepted.


Goodness People College founded in order to develop ministries in community care.


Cell group system was implemented where pastoral work would be shared among different pastoral districts.


Prayer Meeting for National Reconstruction and BOLCC Villa Dedication Service were held.


I-Link Community Service Association founded.


Promotion of the vision of the Five-fold Ministry took place at the monthly cell group meeting.


Church planting strategy of establishing Gospel Centers in each administrative district of Taipei was launched in order to transform Taipei with one heart.


Annual Church goals from 2009-2015 were drawn up sequentially as: Power, Wealth, Wisdom, Strength, Honor, Glory and Praise.


Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei 55th Anniversary - Bread of Life Sports Day held at National Taipei University of Education.


“Baptism of Thousands” held at Taipei Long Men Junior High School.


Rev. James Ou accepted the position of senior pastor from Rev. Nathaniel Chow. Rev. Nathaniel Chow assumed the chairman of Bread of Life Global Apostolic Network.


Rev. James Ou proposed three specific objectives for Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei: Transformation, Family and Missions.


Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei 60th Anniversary took place at NTU Sports Center.


Organizational structures underwent adjustment and goals were set up to bring transformation to disadvantaged groups. Social Care Center and Grassroots Ministry were founded as a result.



Introducing "每日禱告+" with updated prayer requests for daily praying.


The new Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei website has officially been launched. The original address "www.llc.org.tw" will no longer be in use, please visit us at: www.breadoflife.taipei


Rev. Chow Chuang, Pi-Ming has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of Bread of Life Global Apostolic Network.


The organization chart has been adjusted as follows: The original Pastoral Care District is currently restructured as Pastoral Care First District, Pastoral Care Second District and Bureau of Pastoral Care Support. Kingdom Ministry Center is now known as Bureau of Kingdom Ministry.


Bread of Life Community Converge is officially open at Monga Longshan Cultural and Creative B2.


We held an opening service in celebration of our newly built campus situated behind our Missions Building. The original library in the Missions Building is now relocated on the 5th floor of our new campus, bearing the new name “Reading Center” and was opened for the public on the same day. In August, this new campus was officially named as “Good Neighbor Building.” On 24 June, together Lovin’ Daan and Goodness People College held a combined Opening Funfair & Year End Performance, called “Love Encounter.” Rev. James Ou presented certificates of recognition to the magistrates of Xinlong Village, Daxue Village, Longsheng Village, Huxiao Village, Minhui Village and Wang Yun-Wu Memorial Hall, showing gratitude for their support in promoting lifelong education in our community. Rev. Ou, the District Executive of Daan District, Ming-Kuan Lin and the village magistrates together completed the ribbon cutting ceremony, thus launching the use of our “Senior LOHAS Center” on the 1st floor.



"Senior Pastor's Administrations Team" was established with Senior Pastor Yung-Liang Ou as the chairman, and Pastor De-An Lin, Deacon Huang-Jie Chu and Pastor Jonathan Chow as members assisting in church govenance.


"Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei LINE@" (ID: @BolTaipei) was launched to send important messages immediately to members of the congregation.


July: Month of Evangelism A series of crusades, titled "Transforming Values of the Heart" were held on four consecutive Saturday evenings at the Missions Building Campus, touching on various themes, such as life, marketplace, death and family.


Launching Instagram, Official account: breadoflife.taipei


Month of Evangelism


65th Anniversary



Pastor Jonathan Chow promoted as Executive Pastor of Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei, being in charge of ministries; with Deacon Jerry Chu in charge of managing general affairs.


Christmas event: 12/14 4pm “Sundown Concert” at Da’an Forest Park outdoor theater with over 1500 attendance.



Christmas event: Adults and Youth ministry pioneering collaboration, 12/20, 12/21, 12/22 Christmas Production “Dawn Wellness Center" with 3654 attendance.



2020.03.29-2020.05.17 COVID-19 pandemic causes all physical gatherings to be canceled and LIVE STREAMED only.


Announce the Church reopen for our in-person services at our normal service times. In addition, all services can still be viewed online. General guidelines for our gatherings:wearing a facemask, cleaning the hands with alcohol hand sanitizer, taking body temperature and registration at the entrance.


First partnering social enterprise "Family Mart Muxing store" launched. 6/18 Opening ceremony.


Board of Deacon Meeting passed proposal of “Pastor Jonathan Chow as next Senior Pastor”. Official announcement on 9/20 Sunday Service.


12/19, 12/20 “2020 BOL Christmas Musical | Christmas Hope” performed at BOLCC Villa, Adult and Youth ministry combined about 250 people for production with 3824 attendance.



First ever New Year Countdown prayer meeting being live streamed on YouTube.