Pastor James Ou

Coming from a background in business management, Pastor Ou is well known for his love of drinking cold water and needing a fan on stage even during wintertime. In 1996, giving up his passion for race cars and quality sound systems, he moved back to Taiwan from the U.S. to respond to God’s calling and enter into full-time ministry at Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei. In 2011, he took on the role of senior pastor at Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei.

You will most frequently hear these words from his lips: “You have to experience God personally! You need to be broken!” Even when shopping for groceries, he will ask the Lord, “Which kind do you like?” This posture towards God comes from having experienced a renewal of the Holy Spirit, where his life was completely transformed, from which he started a journey of an intimate, personal relationship with God.

His heart’s greatest desire is to spread the gospel at the grassroots level, and to see “Transformation, Family, Missions Church Planting” become the three major goals which the church works toward.